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Beauty down under

by Two Lips 17 Sep 2018
While sheet masks for the face have long been a popular beauty product, there is now one for a more intimate area.

Ms Cynthia Chua, 47, founder of the home-grown Spa Esprit Group, has created the Two L(i)ps Blackout Mask, a charcoal mask for the vulva.

She tells The Straits Times:

"There's such social taboo and embarrassment about the vulva. I don't think we need to be coy about this anymore in 2018."

The mask is the debut product of Two L(i)ps, a new skincare label that will focus on the female nether regions. With organic ingredients such as elderberry and ylang-ylang, it reportedly works to hydrate, soothe and brighten the skin.

The brand is set to launch 15 more products over the next two years.
Spa Esprit Group also owns waxing boutique Strip and eyebrow salon Browhaus.

Two L(i)ps went through 18 months of research and development before launching.

Asked how she thinks people will react to the mask, Ms Chua says:
"There will be the naysayers who will say no one is ever going to use it, that the concept is too out there and ahead of its time. It's always simpler to let go and do what everyone else is doing, but where is the fun in that?"

For now, Two L(i)ps products are available in Singapore at the Strip boutiques. But Ms Chua says there are plans to open standalone stores for the brand next year.

In a world where women are already under heavy pressure from society to maintain a certain look, is a beauty label focusing on the intimate area really necessary?

Ms Chua says:

"For us, it's always about offering women choices. It's about a fun way of allowing women to pamper themselves. It will never be about a dictatorial way of conformity. We respect that."
Read the full article at The Straits Times
Article written by Melissa Heng. Published by The Straits Times | Premium 14/9/18
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