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Brown Girl Friendly Beauty Launches You’ve Been Waiting for!

by Two Lips 07 May 2019
Though Singapore has come a long way since the days of just 2 brands carrying Brown-Girl friendly makeup products. However, it is still a hunt to find just the right shade for your skin colour. Brown girls require a different set of products from hair to body! We at Beauty Insider believe in inclusive beauty and want to champion brands who not just celebrate diversity but cater to it with their products!

Thankfully for brown girls everywhere melanin production protects the skin from sun damage. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects from excessive melanin can be hyper-pigmentation. Uncomfortable as it is to talk about, discolouration everywhere from your face to your armpit happens as a result.

TWO L(I)PS, a brand famously known for your nether regions has a new anti-blemish cream that inhibits the production and distribution of melanin that can cause blemishes and pigmentation. Gynaecologically and dermatologically tested, you can trust TWO L(I)PS to care for your vulva and you! The Undercover serum can be used everywhere, for best results use one pump daily.

TWO L(I)PS Undercover is available at all Strip outlets island wide or online. Visit for more information.

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