Singapore’s Luxury Intimate Care Brand, TWO L(I)PS Finally Open Its Fl
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Singapore’s Luxury Intimate Care Brand, TWO L(I)PS Finally Open Its Flagship Store!

by Two Lips 14 Feb 2022

Beauty Insider Two Lips

Ladies, I have hella good news—Singapore’s first luxury intimate care brand, TWO L(I)PS, which literally focuses on the care and healthiness of your vagina, has finally opened their very first flagship store. Located in ION Orchard, the store is considered the stepping stone to continue its mission of breaking taboos and changing perspectives, by creating fresh and unique retail experiences for women in Singapore, as well as around the world. 

More than just a physical store, the TWO L(I)PS flagship store opens up an unconventional shopping experience that presents shoppers the opportunities for discovery. Inspired by the concept of a modern-day “curiosity shop”, it is filled with quirky, unexpected and interactive installations in every corner, stimulating curiosity through experiences of scent, touch and sight. 

Beauty Insider got our takes on what TWO L(I)PS’s flagship store would have to offer, the stories behind the concept and most importantly the brand’s vision and mission into creating and maintaining their customer’s experience, comfort and satisfaction. Check them out. 

Excerpt from Beauty Insider | By Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin | Beauty News / Wellness | December 1, 2021

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