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Yes, Sheet Masks For Your Vulva Are A Thing And We’re Giving It The TLC It Deserves

by Two Lips 12 Sep 2018

Sometimes, specific topics feel impossible to talk about. Picture this: going commando or braless, and yes, even discussing your sexuality. And normally, these subjects are fairly common to everyone. But they remain rather hush-hush thanks to their “reputations” — until now. Because it’s about time we had those candid conversations, and we’re shedding light on this sheet mask dedicated towards your vulva — loud and proud, and breaking down one taboo at a time.

Perhaps if the vagina had another name, it would be a less controversial and provocative topic. But that didn’t stop Cynthia Chua – self-professed “Queen of Vulva” – breaking new ground with a new brand that is devoted to taking care of a woman’s most intimate area, the vulva. Slyly named TWO L(I)PS, the blackout charcoal mask is designed especially for the skin around your — say it with us — vulva. It’s meant to detoxify, soothe up, brighten and hydrate effectively in a single product. But don’t just take our word for it; our beauty editor sheds light on her experience. Below, the kind of self-love you and your vagina deserve.

Whatever you choose to do (or don’t do) with your
pubic area is between you and your maker. However, in the spirit of over-sharing, here’s what our beauty editor had to say.

“Needless to say, it started off with a hint of shyness and asking myself if I was really about to put a mask on down there. For the first few minutes, I was chilling in bed watching Netflix with nothing but a charcoal sheet mask on…my vagina. After a while, it felt oddly satisfying and I came to terms that my vulva justifies a weekly spa treatment just as much as my face does. It suggested like a strangely luxurious thing to do but I felt TWO L(I)PS gave my lady bits the TLC it deserved.”

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Article written by Sinead Lee. Published by | Beauty News | Body 12/9/18

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