New Two Lips Blackout Vulva Mask
Two Lips Blackout Vulva Mask


Activated Charcoal Vulva Mask

Experience the new and improved Blackout Mask. The world’s first vulva mask. Blackout's new formulation combines binchotan charcoal from the ubame oak tree, vitamins C, B3, B5 and sustainably sourced chitosan to detox, soothe, brighten and moisturise. The foil laminated mask insulates and allows for better absorption of nutrients by the skin.
Use by date: 04/2026
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Blackout – 'Activated Charcoal Vulva Mask'

Blackout – 'Activated Charcoal Vulva Mask'


Blackout – 'Activated Charcoal Vulva Mask'

$0.00 SGD $28.00 SGD
Qty: Single Mask

Wash and dry the vulva area (including inner thighs).

Unfold mask and place black side down, tucking the flaps along the inner thighs. Leave on for 15 minutes before discarding.

For best results, use continuously for 5 days. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before use. If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

How to use Blackout Mask

Binchotan Charcoal

Sourced from the Japanese Ubame Oak tree, known for its purifying abilities, encouraging the natural process of eliminating toxins from the skin

Vitamins C, B3, B5

A cocktail of vitamins support the skin barrier for stronger, healthier skin


Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and biocompatible with the skin to encourage healing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
BLACKOUT 2.0! No more messy leaks!

I tried the first version of this mask out of curiosity after my visit to STRIP! It’s a pretty cool self-care experience, but I wasn’t too impressed with the mess it left behind. HOWEVER, this improved version is so much neater! It's like a little treat for your vulva!

What I love most is that it's made with natural stuff – none of those weird chemicals or perfumes. In short, this vulva mask is a must-try. Treat yo self! 😝

Lis R.V
Best Mask ever

I recently purchased the mask that promised to give me immediate results. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after using it for a few days, I was blown away by the results.

Not only was the mask easy and enjoyable to use, but it also delivered on its promise of giving me immediate results. My skin looked and felt smoother, healthier and more radiant than ever before. It really improves skin quality overall after 5 days mask.

I couldn't wait to share my feedback with others who might be looking for a reliable and effective mask. I highly recommend giving this product a try if you want to see quick and noticeable improvements in your skin after hair removal services. It's truly a game-changer!

pricey but ladies love & pamper ourselves!

Alright it feels weird and messy to use at first using the mask haha...but now I'm hook to using it once monthly...
feel smooth skin and soothing!
it feel good after a shave, gotta try putting in fridge b4 using...soothe the itritation of after wax...
took me months b4 getting used to using...gotta be patient and love ourselves more!!
oh it will be good to use a face towel when applying the mask yea..


Pop this in the fridge before putting it on. It helps soothe the delicate skin down there after a wax. I've noticed that I get lesser ingrown hair and irritation too (reduces redness) after using it for more than a year. My tip for using this is to set a towel on the bed and apply it on, it may be a bit weird at first but it will turn to a self care habit afterwards. There's plenty of serum left in the packet, I usually apply to my legs too!

Loh Hui Peng
Totally in a mess

This mask is totally a messy to put on. I hope it can be improve. The lace and charcoal sheets should be sealed together to be easily handle. I wasted one sheet when i just started to try it on for the first time.

Hi Hui Peng, thanks for your feedback on Blackout. The lace component of the Blackout Mask is purely to give the mask some visual appeal and to ensure the mask is applied with the lace side up, so it's quite ok to discard the lace layer during application. Our Two Lips Blackout masks are heavily soaked with serum to give your skin the most benefit from all the ingredients, so we do suggest lying on a towel before application, playing your favourite relaxing music and taking a 20 minute time-out when using a Blackout mask. We will pass on your feedback to our R&D team as it will help them design better products for you in the future, Thanks.

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