Do you think women are doing enough to care for themselves, specifical
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Do you think women are doing enough to care for themselves, specifically caring for their vulva?

by Two Lips 16 May 2019

I’d prefer not to generalise here because I’ve met and known many women who do amazingly with taking care of themselves and caring for their vulvas. That said, I do think there is a general lack of conversation and awareness in society about what vulva care is and what it could look like. So in that sense, it would be challenging for most women to practice vulva care if we don’t really know what it entails.

It’s also important to note that self-care and vulva care might look very different from women to women because it is something that’s unique to the individual. One interesting way to start exploring what vulva care might look like for you, at this moment, is to apply the five love languages to yourself. If you are not sure what the five love languages are, Google it . Once you know what your love language is, try it out in the context of caring for your vulva! You can get creative with this… what might vulva care be for you if your love language was physical touch? Or affirmation? Or quality time?

Remember that self-care and vulva care shouldn’t feel like pressure or increase your anxiety. So it’s not something you must do. It’s something that, even if it was just for one or five minutes, would give you a sense of joy or relief or whatever emotion it is that you are seeking that feels good for you.

Erin Chen
5 April 2019

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