Love your vulva more

Today, you will learn that your vulva is more valuable than vulgar. Today, you will learn to devote time to your most precious part. Today, your 15-minute vulva ritual begins.


Vulva care is a choice

The vulva has a right to its own care ritual and that decision is wholly yours to make.

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What's the state of your affairs?

Because concerns can differ vastly, here’s how to identify your vulva status.
Indecent exposure

Indecent exposure

Exposure to the sun = melanin production = pigmentation. BUT there are also beachside daybeds, towels and lying on the sand. All these lead to vulva irritation!
Loosen Up

Loosen Up

Wearing tight-fitting clothes and undergarments, can inhibit blood circulation in the vulva, resulting in intertrigo (inflamed skin folds) and folliculitis (ingrown hair).
No Hair Affair

No Hair Affair

If you regularly go bare, you’re taking a great next step in your vulva care regime. The best part: you can do it at your own pace — and space.

your vulva ritual begins with

the world’s first infrared charcoal activated vulva mask

What can you achieve in 15 minutes? Toss in a load of laundry. Cook yourself lunch. Have a quickie workout (or just a quickie). Gain a rejuvenated vulva.

where is your vulva?

The vulva is more than just the labia — it’s the sum of many parts.