Taking Self-Care Down A Notch: Does Your Vagina Really Need A Mask Too
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Taking Self-Care Down A Notch: Does Your Vagina Really Need A Mask Too?

by Two Lips 29 Nov 2018

My idea of self-care is putting on a face mask after a nice warm shower, with a good book or the latest episode of my Korean drama. Occasionally, I’ll decide that its time for a hair mask, but it’s just not as comforting as a face mask. Until Two L(I)PS launched their Blackout Mask a couple months ago and I realised that there was a whole world of masking that I still haven’t explored yet.

You can pretty much mask every single part of your body from your hair to your toes. Many K-beauty brands have hand and feet masks alongside their massive range of face masks. There are even masks for your booty and boobs, so I shouldn’t be surprised that the area down under deserves a self-care day.

For every article that talks about the Blackout Mask breaking boundaries in the beauty world, there are thousands of other articles from experts and doctors sharing the sentiment that your vagina is naturally self-cleaning and that you don’t need to use soap or any other products to keep the area clean.

Most people don’t realise that your vulva can get irritated too. It is one of your body’s most sensitive areas after all. Irritation can be caused by too tight pants, the wrong underwear, and even daily panty liner wearing (that being said, always make sure that your panty liners are not scented because perfumes can cause rashes and swelling). Hair removal can also cause irritation, pregnancy can cause wrinkles and discolouration, and acne on your vagina is a real thing.

And here’s where the vulva mask comes in.


In a nutshell, the Two Lips Blackout mask is a charcoal-activated mask and it detoxifies, soothes, brightens and hydrates your vulva. Oh, and the mask serum only contains organic botanicals in a delightful blend of White Liquorice, Cornflower, Elderberry, Chamomile, Ylang-Ylang and Aloe Vera. If you’re using the mask to prep yourself for a date, rest assured that the mask is safe for oral sex. Just in case!


Read the full article at nylon.com.sg

By: Michelle Ng | Nylon.com.sg | Published: November 27, 2018

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