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Read Our TWO L(I)PS: Interview With Cynthia Chua on Vulva Care

by Two Lips 01 Nov 2018
It’s 2018 and no one is here for vaginal dryness. Vulva care is in. For those who are late to the self-love party, there no better time than now to start taking proper care of yourself, starting with the body. Women are very practical creatures. We will invest in an extensive skincare routine dedicated to the face, splurging on products to target problems such as dry, irritated, or even saggy skin; but this effort is somehow lost for areas that are less visible.

Whether it is because we still lack ample education (sex education in school was hilarious) or speaking of the area “down there” is still considered something dirty in our society, it is time to let these pussies out of the bag.

Launched in August earlier this year, TWO L(I)PS embodies one woman’s radical desire to turn the tables by recasting taboo as an indulgence. The vulva skincare brand is the latest addition to the Spa Esprit’s eclectic portfolio of lifestyle, beauty, and dining names, including Tippling Club, Strip, Browhaus, Ding Dong, and Tiong Baruh Bakery.

Positioned as a luxurious, organic option for women to treat themselves where they matter most, TWO L(I)PS is more than a hedonistic skincare option. It represents, perhaps, the beginning of a more open-minded and liberal attitude in society, a time where we can finally see feminine products targeting our most intimate areas blown up to billboard sizes, penetrating everyday conversations, and redefining the norm for self-care.

It is also an urgent call for us to #LoveYourVulvaMore; to bring it out of the dark and into the mainstream narrative.

Homegrown girl boss, beauty maverick and lifestyle trend-spotter, Cynthia Chua, the founder of TWO L(I)PS and Spa Esprit, preaches a similar ethos across her lifestyle and personal grooming empire. She shares more about her journey with TWO L(I)PS, the truth behind vulva care, and a piece of important advice for grown-ass women to treat themselves right.

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By: PopSpoken | Culture/Style | Published: October 20, 2018
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