Our Story


TWO LIPS is the world’s first luxury intimate care range for the vulva, developed by the global authority in vulva care with 20 years of industry experience.

After treating nearly 4 million vulvas worldwide, TWO LIPS is now ready to disrupt and redefine the vulva space with cutting-edge luxury vulva care products that are sulphate, paraben and petrochemical-free, passionately developed by a dedicated team helmed by self-professed Queen of Vulva, Cynthia Chua.  

Cynthia Chua

The powerhouse lifestyle guru behind Singapore multi-brand outfit Spa Esprit Group, Cynthia Chua is always on an adventure to discover the next big thing. With 17 brands across 9 global cities to her name, Cynthia has established Spa Esprit Group as a provider of experiences with a 360-degree approach.

From innovative pampering treatments to vibrant dining concepts, to being a thought leader who shakes up the cultural landscape, “Singapore’s Undisputed Lifestyle Queen” is always excited to introduce new things that have truly made a difference in her own life, and TWO LIPS is a manifestation of this passion.