Skincare Sets

How to use Two Lips Me Time Set  -
$430.00 SGD
$570.00 SGD
Rest, Relax & Restore Set  -
$410.00 SGD
$550.00 SGD
$700.00 SGD
Upgrade your skincare routine with the TWO LIPS range of skincare products designed for all types of women (and men). Treat skincare concerns from your face to your base (yes your vulva), including skin pigmentation, skin blemishes, post-hair removal folliculitis, skin irritation, skin inflammation and skin dehydration.

Just like your face, the skin on your vulva shows the effects of your daily lifestyle. Too much sun, sand and surf, daily gym workouts and tight fitting clothing all cause vulva irritation and can lead to intertrigo (inflamed skin folds) and folliculitis.

The key to healthy skin is a consistent skin care routine that addresses these skin concerns. TWO LIPS product sets have been designed to to work together to form part of your new daily skincare regime. Healthy skin is happy skin.

If you're looking for the perfect gift, even if you're gifting yourself some self-love, these skincare sets are a great way to start your TWO LIPS journey.

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