Your first look at the TWO L(I)PS flagship store in Ion Orchard
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Your first look at the TWO L(I)PS flagship store in Ion Orchard

by Two Lips 14 Feb 2022

Two Lips ION Orchard

Luxury intimate care brand TWO L(I)PS has opened its brick and mortar store in Ion Orchard, and here’s a first look at the store.

Founded by beauty maven and Spa Esprit Group owner Cynthia Chua, TWO L(I)PS is a luxury intimate care brand designed specifically for a woman’s intimate area, the vulva. Started in August 2018 with the launch of Blackout, a charcoal-activated mask, the brand’s ever-expanding roster includes 16 products encompassing everything from hyaluronic acid-rich formulas to prebiotics-infused concoctions that can be used on the vulva, face and body.

Its science-backed products had previously only been available online and at Strip’s boutiques. By extending its premium intimate care business to a dedicated store in the heart of Orchard Road, TWO L(I)PS is starting an exciting new chapter, building on its commitment to normalise conversations about the vulva and challenge taboos.

It’s not often that vulvas and vaginal health are in public discourse. Growing up, I don’t remember learning about vulva care. There was no mention of the female anatomy, and worst of all, no information on how best to care for the skin down there. While the vulva has been neglected from skincare routines for way too long, it deserves the same (if not more) amount of TLC as the face and rest of the body. TWO L(I)PS aims to empower women to embrace their bodies and love their vulvas more.

We want to eradicate the embarrassment and to get people to love their vulvas more. To reclaim their vulvas and vaginas as assets that need to be cared for and nourished with the same love and attention that we give to the rest of our body. Cynthia Chua, TWO L(I)PS Founder

“My goal has always been for women to be completely body confident. To love their vulva more. I’ve always believed that women need to reclaim our vulvas as an asset that deserves the same amount of love, care and attention as our face and the rest of our body…changing the mindset that it is embarrassing to discuss and pay attention to such an important body part,” adds Cynthia.

This also explains why it’s so important to have a space where women feel safe to openly talk about and embrace their vulvas in all its glory and without judgement.

A modern-day curiosity shop

Located at Ion Orchard, the 500-square foot curvaceous, cavern-like space is a terracotta brown wonderland where you can see, shop and test every single one of their coveted products from cleanser to sunscreen by the custom-built speckled terrazzo sink.

Staying true to their vision of creating a modern-day “curiosity shop” (nineteenth century shops in Europe selling unusual items and curios like abstract paintings and exotic sculptures), every element of the charming oasis is designed to interact with shoppers. Like an art museum, the TWO L(I)PS store designed by former Her World Young Woman Achiever winner Olivia Lee, encourages discovery and self-expression – qualities that have always fed the intimate care brand’s imagination.

Excerpt from Her World | Beauty/Skin | December 10, 2021

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