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Our October beauty haul is all about tea-infused skincare, an anti-ageing serum that actually works and a vulva mask. Say what?

Oct 09 2018 Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Reviews Style

A sheet mask for your lady parts? What a time to be alive! Yes, you heard that right. Say hello to the world’s first infrared activated charcoal mask for your vulva, AND it’s formulated right here in SG. Free from sulfates, parabens and all nasties, this special mask is packed with organic flower extracts to detoxify, brighten and moisturise the vulva. Plus, the infrared activated charcoal boosts lymphatic drainage, leaving it clean and fresh. Not sure if I felt a significant difference after one try (it’s recommended to be used for five days) but I did enjoy the idea of...

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The charcoal, serum-soaked sheet is apparently a 'game changer' for feminine care

Sep 19 2018 Reviews

There’s now a £17 sheet mask for your vagina… and we gave it a test run. FORGET facials, massages and pedis. Apparently, the latest body part us ladies should be indulging with some pampering is… our vulvas. Yes, really!When it comes to self-care, our lady bits are now firmly on the beauty radar.A new beauty mask for "down there" has been launched as part of the world’s first luxury skincare range for the vulva.Following hot on the heels of the vagina facial, and actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal favourite treatment for her downstairs area - a vagina and uterus steam -...

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Now we’ve seen it all: we try out a sheet mask meant for your vulva?!

Sep 04 2018 Reviews

As beauty enthusiasts, we have probably seen every type of sheet mask there is. There’s micro-fiber, and hydrogel, and even ones made of foil (we’re not making this up, we swear)!With the sheer variety that is out there, it’s hard to imagine that there’s room for more innovation, but as always, the beauty industry never fails to surprise us. The latest addition to sheet masks? One is that specially made for your vulva.And yes, by that, we mean a mask for your intimate lady bits! “I won’t lie— it was a little strange, at first, and I had to suppress...

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