Now we’ve seen it all: we try out a sheet mask meant for your vulva?!
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Now we’ve seen it all: we try out a sheet mask meant for your vulva?!

by Two Lips 04 Sep 2018

As beauty enthusiasts, we have probably seen every type of sheet mask there is. There’s micro-fiber, and hydrogel, and even ones made of foil (we’re not making this up, we swear)!

With the sheer variety that is out there, it’s hard to imagine that there’s room for more innovation, but as always, the beauty industry never fails to surprise us. The latest addition to sheet masks? One is that specially made for your vulva.

And yes, by that, we mean a mask for your intimate lady bits!

“I won’t lie— it was a little strange, at first, and I had to suppress a giggle or two as I lined the mask up. It left a soothing, cooling sensation on my skin, which I found myself enjoying after a while! It takes some getting used to, but by the end of the 15 minutes, I was feeling pretty relaxed about the entire thing. It just felt like a normal part of my beautification routine, actually: no big deal to it.”

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Article written by Emily Heng. Published by | Reviews 4/9/18
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