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Two Lips breaks boundaries with the first ever vulva-care sheet mask.

by Two Lips 31 Aug 2018

With a new luxury skincare range for the vulva, Two Lips is a new brand that is not afraid to go there. Cynthia Chua, the founder of the Spa Esprit Group is a woman used to breaking boundaries. She was the first to introduce and popularise the Brazilian wax in Singapore with her Strip range of outlets and brought brow threading to the masses. And now she has taken on a completely new taboo: The vulva. Chua is making it her personal mission to draw attention to this never-talked about, and deeply hidden area of a woman's body.

Read the full article at Buro 24/7 | Singapore

Article published by Buro 24/7 | Singapore | Beauty | Insiders 31/8/18 5:40 pm

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