Our October beauty haul is all about tea-infused skincare, an anti-age
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Our October beauty haul is all about tea-infused skincare, an anti-ageing serum that actually works and a vulva mask. Say what?

by Two Lips 09 Oct 2018
A sheet mask for your lady parts? What a time to be alive! Yes, you heard that right. Say hello to the world’s first infrared activated charcoal mask for your vulva, AND it’s formulated right here in SG. Free from sulfates, parabens and all nasties, this special mask is packed with organic flower extracts to detoxify, brighten and moisturise the vulva. Plus, the infrared activated charcoal boosts lymphatic drainage, leaving it clean and fresh.

Not sure if I felt a significant difference after one try (it’s recommended to be used for five days) but I did enjoy the idea of sitting back, tuning in to the 15-minute vulva ritual playlist and showing some TLC down there. Perfect for post-wax and laser care.

Read the review at honeycombers.com

By Nicole Nithiyah | Honeycombers | Style } Beauty Reviews | October 2018
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