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Taking Self-Care Down A Notch: Does Your Vagina Really Need A Mask Too?

Nov 29 2018 Blackout Reviews

My idea of self-care is putting on a face mask after a nice warm shower, with a good book or the latest episode of my...

I Reviewed A S$28 Vulva Sheet Mask To See If I Could Give My Vajayjay A Glow Up

Nov 01 2018 Blackout Reviews

So Spa Esprit Group founder’s Cynthia Chua recently launched TWO L(I)PS, a “luxury intimate care range for the vulva”...

Vagina sheet masks exist and we are not sure how to feel about it

Oct 09 2018 Blackout Reviews

Feel dull, dry and glow-less “down there”? If yes, it is time for you to embrace sheets masks for the vagina. Yes, lo...