What are the common causes of dry skin and what’s the best way to trea
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What are the common causes of dry skin and what’s the best way to treat it?

by Two Lips 16 May 2019
Dry skin is often a result of aging or damaged skin’s lack of ability to retain moisture. To make matters worse, dry skin is also more susceptible to sun and environmental damage, perpetuating the problem. Moisturisers address dry skin directly by trapping moisture in the skin, while treatments such as Rejuran – that increase new collagen production in the skin and strengthen the skin’s collagen matrix – help improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture, keeping it hydrated from within.  

Excessive use of or inappropriate skincare products is another common cause of dry skin, skin irritation, redness, and peeling. Common culprits include products containing acids, retinols, or hydroquinones. More is not always better – avoid complicated skincare regimes. And do give the products time to work. Multiple daily applications will not give faster results, but may increase the risks of side effects. Seek a Doctor’s advice if you are unsure which products are suitable for your skin, and tailor make a regime that is specific for you.   

Other simple tips - wash your face twice a day, and after sweating heavily. More frequent cleansing will only wash away the natural protective barrier of the skin. Apply spot treatment products such as pimple creams only over pimples, and de-pigmenting creams only over hyper pigmented areas – not the whole face.  

Dr. Felix Li
9 April 2019
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