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What do you think is the best way to open up the topic of vulva conversations? Do you think it’s best done from woman to woman?

by Two Lips 16 May 2019
I don’t think there is a “best” way to open up. For a lot of people, starting this conversation would most likely feel awkward and uncomfortable – which is completely normal when it’s something we’re not used to talking about! Here are a few suggestions that you can try to bring this topic up:

  • Share! If you come across an article, video, piece of art or anything that resonates with you – try sharing that with your friends or partner. Follow it up with something like, “What are your thoughts?” Articles are a great way to open conversations.
  • Be normal! Easier said than done, I know. This will take some practice – try to treat the conversation like a normal topic… there is no reason why we can’t talk about vulvas or sexual wellness the same way we talk about other parts of life – be it yoga, fashion, sports! A lot of the time, others feel awkward too when we’re awkward about it. So the more normal you are with the topic, the more space you provide for others around you to open up. Again, this takes practice – think of it as building your muscle memory for having authentic conversations.

From my experience, most women feel more comfortable discussing vulvas with other women; however, it’s really whoever you feel comfortable with that matters – the gender and their genitalia don’t really matter.

Erin Chen
5 April 2019
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