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Great skin is not simply a matter of luck or good genes — your daily habits, lifestyle and skincare routines have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. Our range of skincare products treat, moisturise and protect with results-driven formulas and high-performing, skin-friendly ingredients.

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Regularly go bare?

Detox, soothe, brighten and hydrate with our activated charcoal sheet masks designed by women, for women. Thirsty skin? Hydrate skin with our hyaluronic acid skin care products. Concerned with skin blemishes and pigmentation? Our Peptide-36 formulated products even out your skin tone. Does your skin need a collagen boost? Keep skin firm and brighten skin with our Vitamin C skin care products, gentle enough even for sensitive skin. Skin breaking out? Treat skin folliculitis, control T-zones and blackheads with our triple botanical blend moisturising products.

Vulva care is not a myth.

From hair removal to hormonal fluctuations, the vulva weathers a lot, just like the skin on your face and the rest of your body. And if skin is the biggest indicator of health, then why shouldn't your vulva be in the pink of it?

What's the state of your affairs?

Because concerns can differ vastly, here’s how to identify your vulva status: Indecent Exposure - Exposure to the sun = melanin production = pigmentation. BUT there are also beachside daybeds, towels and lying on the sand. All these lead to vulva irritation! Loosen Up - Wearing tight-fitting clothes and undergarments, can inhibit blood circulation in the vulva, resulting in intertrigo (inflamed skin folds) and folliculitis (ingrown hair). No Hair Affair - If you regularly go bare, you’re taking a great next step in your vulva care regime. The best part: you can do it at your own pace — and space.

Ultimately, caring for your skin is a personal choice. Whether you're using our products for your face or the base, we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

How to use TWO LIPS products?

For your post-hair removal or body skincare routine, start with Bumpps, followed by Blackout, Pout, Diamond, Undercover and De-crease. ICE and Outgrown can be applied when needed, especially after hair removal sessions. Wipeout pH balancing intimate wipes are a quick and easy way to freshen up the nether regions anytime of the day or night. If using our prebiotic range, start with Rinse as a first-step cleanser, followed by Scrubbs exfoliator to remove dirt & grime, Juice to moisturise, Sleepover when your skin needs an extra hydration boost and Screen for all-day sunscreen protection.

More detailed information can be found on individual product pages or in our FAQ Pages. If you require any additional assistance please reach out to us using our Two Lips contact form.

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