Two Lips Decrease Two Lips Decrease

Our body naturally creates free radicals to help neutralise nasties like viruses and bacteria.

However, overexposure to environmental stressors can push free radicals into overdrive, causing damage such as wrinkles, dryness, loss of elasticity and increased sensitivity.

What causes excess production of free radicals?

  • • Air pollution
  • • Radiation
  • • Sun exposure
  • • Exhaust fumes
  • • Stress


Enter De-crease, an antioxidant-rich cream that packs a punch against free radicals! Formulated with an arsenal of antioxidant heroes, prepare to restore radiance and vitality to your skin:

Two Lips Decrease

Baikal Skullcap:
Delivers potent antioxidants that can help protect the skin against free radical damage, and also reduces inflammation in the skin.

Two Lips Decrease

Marine Water Microalgae:
Accelerates skin healing by stimulating cell renewal, and tightens the skin by strengthening the internal skin structure.

Two Lips Decrease

Green Tea Extract & oil-soluble Vitamin C:
Protects the skin from UV damage and prevents collagen breakdown.

Two Lips Decrease Two Lips Decrease

Fight against the rise of free radicals

Give your skin the hero it needs with De-crease, an antioxidant-rich cream for smoother and firmer skin.

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