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20 (Daily Vanity) Readers Try TWO L(I)PS Diamond And Undercover.

by Two Lips 04 Jul 2019

TWO L(I)PS Diamond and Undercover review: Do these intimate care products improve the appearance of vulva?

Two Lips Under Cover Reader ReviewAfter debuting with a vulva mask, the brand continued to launch innovative products, and they include Diamond, a brightening serum that’s packed with water-soluble vitamin C, and Undercover, a highly concentrated serum that reduces pigmentation and evens skin tone.

These products are made without sulphates, parabens, or petrochemicals, and are gynaecologically and dermatologically tested to make sure that they are safe for your intimate area.

What’s interesting about these two products is that they can also be used on your facial skin to improve its condition. Talk about a multi-tasker!

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Overall Satisfaction

Daily Vanity Undercover Review

TWO L(I)PS Undercover impressed many reviewers because they managed to see improvements on their face and vulva since they started using the product. Many of them noticed their skin tone looking more even and brighter, and others said that it had helped to lighten the look of pigmentation and blemishes.

Reviewers like that it is a multi-purpose product that they can use on both their face and intimate areas. Many of them mentioned that the product felt gentle, so they were very comfortable using it on their vulva. Its fast absorption and lightweight texture were also positive traits that kept coming up in the reviews submitted.


Candy Tan
39, Combination and acne-prone skin
Tried this product on face and intimate areas

"Undercover is super hydrating and has helped to lighten the look of sun spots on my left arm significantly. I’ve also applied it on my face and the acne scar on my chin had lightened as well. The product is lightweight and absorbed almost instantly into my skin and I like that it’s very hydrating. Most importantly, I find that the skin around my intimate area isn’t as dry as before."

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Overall Satisfaction

Daily Vanity Two Lips Diamond Review

Many reviewers were previously apprehensive about using a skincare product on their vulva, but the positive experience with TWO L(I)PS Diamond changed their mind. They were happy to see that the product helped their face, vulva, and other parts of the body (such as inner thighs and armpits) look brighter and firmer after they’ve used the product.

Many of them were impressed enough to want to repurchase it and recommend it to their friends. Many of them have also used vitamin C serums before and felt that they can be harsh on skin and leave tingling sensations. This was why they were surprised that Diamond felt so gentle and comfortable, even though it contains vitamin C and had brightening and firming benefits.


Amber Chong
25, Combination skin
Tried this product on face and intimate areas

"I applied the product on my face, armpits, and vulva. After using the product for three weeks, I noticed that my armpits felt smoother and looked brighter than before. My vulva and face also felt firmer. One thing I like about Diamond is its fast absorption rate and lightweight texture. I have never thought of caring for my vulva before, but Diamond has certainly changed my mind. Everyone should care more for their intimate areas!"

Read the full Daily Vanity review here


Excerpts from original article by:
Daily Vanity | Kristen Juliet Soh | 26 June, 2019
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