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Cynthia Chua: Buro. Vulva Ritual Playlist #196

by Two Lips 09 Apr 2019

Self-love time.

Music is an intimate thing for me. It links and unlocks my ideas, emotions and feel-good vibes. This playlist is a musical snapshot that I hope the TWO L(I)PS brand will bring; a life that does not need to take itself too seriously. The best time to listen to this playlist is when you want to carve some time out for yourself.

"Harvest Moon" by Neil Young is one of my favourite tracks. In its music video, you see Neil Young and his wife Pegi dancing at a bar. The story about their connection and the celebration of love is so beautiful. Similarly, "Yo! My Saint" by Karen O featuring Michael Kiwanuka is a love story between a photographer and his muse. I love the intensity and drama of the song.

I love the unexpectedness of Little Dragon. You'll never expect the leader singer Yukimi Nagano to have such a powerful and smoky voice. Mixed with their moody synth electronic beats, their song "Ritual Union" brings out a lovely groove and sense of warmth. Having good energy is important to me and "Beulah Loves Dancing" by Planningtorock has such high energy. I love playing it in the background while I potter around the house to get things done.

I'm a firm believer in using humour and wit to tackle difficult topics and create conversations around taboo subjects. "Vote For Me" by The Specials resonates with me in that sense. I love their use of cheeky lyrics to address the recent political unrest in England.

Cynthia Chua is the founder and chairman of the SPA ESPRIT GROUP, a beauty and lifestyle giant that provide consumers with innovative treatments, dining concepts and kick starts movements that change the cultural landscape. To find out more about vulva rituals and the TWO L(I)P brand, head to their official site.

Buro247 | Culture | Music
Text: Cynthia Chua
Editor: Tracy Phillips

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