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The V-care revolution: all the down there brands we’re getting intimate with

by Two Lips 14 Nov 2019

V Care

Intimate washes and post-wax care are stepping into the spotlight, following a makeover from hush hush to hot topic.

It’s only in the last year or so that the conversation has properly turned to all things V-care. It started with the revolutionary book Wonder Down Under by sexual health educators and medical students Nina Brochmann and Ellen Støkken Dahl in 2018, which set the tone for more straight-talking tomes such as The Gynae Geek by Dr Anita Mitra and Period (subtitle: It's about bloody time) by Emma Barnett.

The very fact that we now have V-care as a name for all things to do with looking after our vaginas, vulvas, waxes and the nitty-gritty of periods, means those slightly embarrassed conversations about post-waxing ingrowns, sex-toy recommendations (you simply have to try the Womanizer, btw) and chafing are becoming a thing of the past.

“Brands are using anatomically accurate language to promote their products, making talking about the area more comfortable,” says Irina Ene, Beauty Innovation Coverage Manager at trend forecasters Mintel.

“Having a wider variety of specialised intimate care products, like the Activiated Charcoal Vulva Mask from Singaporean brand Two Lips, has contributed to lifting the taboos around women's sexuality,” Irina continues. “Additionally, women are more focused on the health benefits of targeted intimate care products, and in the last year intimate products launching with "gynaecologist-tested/recommended," claims have grown by nearly 50 per cent compared to 2016, confirming consumers' trust in scientifically and medically backed formulas.”

Read the full article at Get The Gloss

Get The Gloss | November 8th 2019 | Melanie Macleod
Image source: Get The Gloss

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