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TWO L(I)PS; a line of luxury skincare dedicated to the Vulva #LoveYourVulvaMore

by Two Lips 22 Sep 2018
TWO L(I)PS, a new brand under the Spa Esprit Group launches possibly the world’s first activated Charcoal mask for your vulva. It is the first hero product to debut from the luxury intimate care range that offers sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free take-home products and self-care rituals.

Cynthia Chua, Spa Esprit Group and Two L(I)PS founder, and “Queen of Vulva”. She is a born innovator, beauty maverick and lifestyle trend-spotter, and self-professed “Queen of Vulva” breaks new ground with a new brand that is devoted to taking care of a woman’s most intimate area, the vulva. Launched under Cynthia’s far-reaching lifestyle and personal grooming empire, the newest kid on the block is the slyly named TWO L(I)PS is an innovative range of luxury skin care products for the vulva that is developed by the global authority in vulva care with 20 years of industry experience.

Most of us will take care of our face, we do regular face mask but hardly anyone of us would think of taking care of the vulva, majority of us don’t even talk about it, it is one of the most neglected but essential part of our body.

Now you can start taking care of your vulva with the innovative beauty product, TWO L(I)PS’ Blackout Mask developed by Cynthia Chua of Spa Esprit Group. This is possibly the world’s first luxury intimate care range for the vulva that helps to focus on caring and rebalancing the skin, and helping women to get in touch with their inner selves at the same time.

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Our Parenting World | Style/Beauty | 14th September 2018
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