A Luxury Skincare Line For Down There
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A Luxury Skincare Line For Down There

by Two Lips 09 Apr 2019

The Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask from TWO L(I)PS is an innovative product that addresses womens' need for gentle, premium skincare products for specially formulated for delicate skin down under.

The best investments are the ones we make to become better versions of ourselves. It can be a gym membership that allows us to gain strength, resistance and well, a bikini-ready body. Trips to the spa have now also become essentials for rejuvenating mind, body and spirit. Add to that regular retreats dedicated to meditation and discovery of self. Salon visits now include more than just the regular color and cut. Options in these beauty havens are so varied, it  requires whole day’s to appreciate a full menu of treatments. Then there’s the dermatologist’s clinic. That’s an entire universe in itself.

While women are now investing time, money and effort on self-care and love, seldom will you hear them talk about a regimen for down under. By down under, I’m talking about the vulva. Not the vagina which is the canal that leads to the uterus. Vulva would be the external organ that includes that labia and clitoris—also referred to as lips.

"Guests at the Two L(i)ps launch in Manila had no idea that they were about to witness that unveiling of the world’s first vulva care range"

“We put masks on our faces to keep it hydrated and refreshed. Why not our vulvas, too?”

Guests at the TWO L(I)PS launch in Manila had no idea that they were about to witness that unveiling of the world’s first vulva care range when they walked into Dean and Deluca at Rockwell Center for brunch. There were giggles among those in attendance as they were presented with the TWO L(I)PS Vulva Mask. “We put masks on our faces to keep it hydrated and refreshed. Why not our vulvas, too?” said Monique Jamlang, PR and Marketing Head at Strip Manila.

The Blackout Mask from TWO L(I)PS was formulated so that it is safe to use especially on sensitive areas. Charcoals helps to purify and detoxify while plant extracts help to hydrate and rejuvenate. Photo courtesy of Two L(i)ps

The disruptive luxury brand intended for intimate female care comes from the same visionary company that developed and launched, Strip: Ministry of Waxing. Strip is a Singapore-based company that was revolutionized the waxing ritual through professionalized services and an elevated standard in safety, hygiene and comfort. Both brands share the same fun, daring and innovating spirit. It’s CEO and self-proclaimed “Vulva Queen” Cynthia Chua explains:

    “I love my vulva; I look after it and I think all women should take as much care over their ‘second face’ as they do over the one they see in the mirror every day. We’ve been offering downstairs facials – I call it vajuvenation – in Strip salons for quite a while and I felt it was right to introduce a home care range so that women can keep themselves in fantastic shape all the time. It amazes me how many people are prepared to spend a fortune on cosmetics, skincare, haircare, nails and even invasive procedures to stay looking beautiful yet so few groom as thoroughly as they could in the most intimate area – the parts that give most pleasure. TWO L(I)PS is my gift to women, delivered with a sense of wit and gentle humor, but, more importantly, it’s a way to open up – no pun intended– a conversation about what it is to be female in the 21st century. Surely we should be celebrating our beautiful womanly parts not pretending they don’t exist. Love your lips a little more, that’s what I say.”

Two Lips Blackout Mask utilizes charcoal sourced from Japanese Ubame Oak. 

The TWO L(I)PS Blackout Charcoal Mask was formulated for absolute safety especially in sensitive areas of the vulva. Organic plant extracts like cornflower, elderberry, Indian cress and chamomile soothes, calms and moisturizes skin. Aloe vera and ylang-ylang hydrate while liquorice helps to brighten skin tone. Binchotan charcoal from Japanese ubame oak detoxifies and purifies. “We do not scrimp on ingredients. There is easily a bottle of serum in one sheet packet . The company believes in giving clients only the best and so even the mask sheet is made of premium lace, sourced from luxury maisons in Europe, ” disclosed Roberta Abad-Estancion, Managing Director at Strip Manila and Browhaus. “We are also very proud to be the fourth country in the world to carry TWO L(I)PS.”
uncaptioned image

The mask sheet was imagined to resemble luxe lingerie as a reminder for users to love their vulvas more.Materials used were sourced from luxury maisons in Europe.

Blackout Charcoal Masks are ideal those who regularly go for bikini or Brazilian waxes as it soothes irritated skin and hydrates. Women who often wear tight fitting clothes are also advised to put on a mask regularly. “Wearing tight fitting clothes or undergarments can inhibit blood circulation in the vulva, resulting in intertrigo (inflamed skin folds), folliculitis and ingrown hairs. And because the summer season is upon us, these vulva masks will come in very handy especially after laying out in the sun in your teeny weeny bikinis. “Exposure to the sun equals melanin production equals pigmentation. There are also daybeds, towels and lying on sand which can lead to vulva irritation.”

In the Philippines, TWO L(I)PS Blackout Masks are available at all Strip Manila outlets or online at twolips.vip.

Bianca Salonga
Former editor for fashion and lifestyle publications. MBA Graduate specialized in Luxury Goods in Paris, France. Co founder of an inspired e-commerce project called VITO STUDIO.

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