The best local beauty and skincare brands in Singapore

The best local beauty and skincare brands in Singapore

Apr 09 2019

These Singapore brands prove that you don’t have to look far for quality skincare and makeup products to pamper yourself with.


Your face isn't the only area that needs taken care of – your lady bits deserve some TLC too. The beauty maverick and lifestyle trend-spotter Cynthia Chua is breaking barriers with her innovative range of luxury skincare products specially made for the woman's most intimate area: the vulva.

Cleverly branded as TWO L(I)PS, its products include the signature Blackout Mask, an organic charcoal mask that detox, soothes, brightens and hydrates even the most sensitive skin – and all you need is 15 minutes. There's no tingling sensation (unless you're sensitive down there) so expect a comfy self-care sesh. After doing so, your skin immediately feels smoother, softer and – dare we say – refreshed.


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Blackout (Activated Charcoal Vulva Mask)

From $28.00 SGD - $120.00 SGD

Undercover (Peptide 36 Anti-blemish Cream)

$120.00 SGD

Pout (Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum)

$180.00 SGD