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BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2019: Best Oil Control Lotion

by Two Lips 25 Nov 2019

BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2019: Best Oil Control Lotion.

Best oil control lotion - Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards 2019

Calming even the most sensitive of skins.

Bumpps, $130 for 50ml

Rare, but not impossible, are the glorious instances whereby an oily patch is mistaken for highlighter. The rest of the time, these appear just as they are in reality: Greasy, congested areas that mar your skin’s appearance.

Combating oily skin and the challenges it brings—think splotchy makeup application, trouble keeping cosmetics on, inflamed skin and clogged pores—usually entails a two‑pronged approach. The first involves taking urgent action to remedy any existing irritation by gently fighting bacteria and preventing the worsening or spread of the damage. The second is more long-term in goal, with steps taken to both regulate and optimise the sebum and moisture levels in the skin until they reach the optimal balance needed for healthy skin.

TWO L(I)PS’ Bumpps provides what you need at both stages and then some, calming even the most sensitive of skins. Originally formulated to keep folliculitis (red bumps that form around hair follicles when they become inflamed due to ingrown hair and clogged pores) at bay, this lightweight serum is anchored by a trio of botanical extracts. Soothing camomile and the antibacterial tea tree leaf oil extracts work on calming and reducing skin irritation and inflammation, while arrowroot extract treats blemishes without drying out skin. This gentle yet potent cocktail also helps regulate sebum production and minimise the formation of comedones, resulting in a smooth and mattified complexion.

Good to know too: Bumpps is dermatologically tested and is free of chemicals that could irritate the skin, such as petrochemicals, parabens and sulphates.

Available at all Strip outlets, and online at TWO L(I)PS.

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