Consider Beauty Products For Your Intimate Parts
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Consider Beauty Products For Your Intimate Parts

by Two Lips 14 Feb 2020
Two Lips Anniversary Kit

With more women prioritising intimate care, treatment innovation has evolved with demand.

TWO L(I)PS hit its first million in sales within the first year of launch. To date, the brand, which ships worldwide, has sold more than 54,000 products to 27 cities.

...founder of Spa Esprit Group Cynthia Chua launched TWO L(I)PS, a luxury range of vulva care products, as a means to "give people options" to look after themselves.

"If you care enough to ensure regular facial appointments are booked, why not extend the same love and effort to the vulva"

"The intimate care industry will continue to experience huge growth and evolve worldwide"

"As more people become open to the concept of head-to-toe holistic care, I think they will be more receptive to the idea of a vulva ritual, just like their face's skincare ritual"

Excerpts from Consider Beauty Products For Your Intimate Parts
Straits Times Jan 31, 2020 | Life Style
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