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Under Wraps

by Two Lips 17 Sep 2018
It started with the Brazilian wax, popularised by the Spa Esprit Group's
Strip outlets. Now its founder Cynthia Chua has gone a step further - or
should we say lower - in creating skincare for women's private parts.

She's just launched a new grooming brand coyly named Two L(I)PS - with
its hero product being possibly the world's first activated charcoal mask
for the vulva. Blackout Mask is a sheet mask designed to detox, smooth,
brighten and hydrate all in one step. It's infused with a rich cocktail of
organic botanical ingredients, such as White Licorice, Cornflower,
Elderberry, Chamomile, Ylang-Ylang and Aloe Vera. It not only
rejuvenates and brightens skin dulled by friction and chafing, but also
boosts lymphatic drainage and freshens the area through the use of
activated charcoal. And, above all, it's about encouraging women not to
be shy about their bodies, but to take care of every single part of it.
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