Is The World's First Vulva Mask Worth The Hype? Grazia's Beauty Direct
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Is The World's First Vulva Mask Worth The Hype? Grazia's Beauty Director puts it to the test.

by Two Lips 26 Sep 2018

Genius or downright wrong? Grazia Beauty Director Joely Walker weighs in... It’s my first Friday night at home in over a month after a bonkers August and early September spent marrying, mini-mooning and fashion-weeking. Netflix is flickering, chill is very much underway (NOT in that way) and Deliveroo (Nando’s, if you’re interested) has been well and truly devoured. So far, so average-Friday-night-in scenario. But there’s something throwing this otherwise favorably mundane picture: I have a face mask on my vagina. And no, not your standard sheet mask – an Activated Charcoal Mask dedicated to ‘detoxing & soothing the vulva’, that looks a little like an inverted pair of lace Playboy Bunny ears.

Rewind to Tuesday morning, when, riffling through my daily post, I unearthed the TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask, along with a press release that read: ‘A new era of vulva care has arrived and it’s rewriting the history of how a woman’s most precious part is seen…. a game-changing brand that aims to shatter taboos and proclaim the “vulva ritual”.’

My first thoughts: Vulva Ritual?! You’ve got to be kidding me? We’ve officially reached peak preposterous! But then further investigation tells me it’s the brainchild of entrepreneur Cynthia Chua - the woman behind world-class hair removal destination, Ministry of Waxing, whose witty and straight-talking branding around all things down South has been breaking Vagina taboos long before any of its counterparts. And when it comes to down-there hair maintenance – nobody does it better. So, I’m intrigued – by that and the surprisingly chic packaging.

The rest of the beauty team give their twopence: ‘Oh gahd, seriously? Like I don’t have enough on my plate trying to master a 10-step Korean skincare routine; now I have to factor in time for vagina masking? Insanity!’ bemoaned ever-cynical (and utterly brilliant) Beauty Editor, Hannah: ‘And you don’t see men walking around with masks on their penises, do you?’. Fair point.

Then Assistant Emma chipped in: ‘I’m weirdly interested. What does it do again, exactly?’ So, in the name of investigatory beauty journalism – here I am. Legs somewhat akimbo, about to plaster a sheet mask to my passion fruit (thanks thesaurus), reveling in the ridiculousness of it all and not quite sure what I think of the whole shebang.

I take the mask out of its packet and unfold the bunny shape, which is surprisingly bigger than I expected. For some reason I’d imagined a ‘vulva mask’ was, well, I’m not quite sure what – but this is around twice the size of your standard facial sheet mask (as it’s designed to cover all areas of the ‘vulva’ pictured below).

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Written by Joely Walker | Grazia Daily | Beauty & Hair | Skin | 26th September 2018
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